Organizer: Dimos Lariseon.



Name: Municipality of Larissa

Address: Iwnos Dragoumh 1, 41222, Larissa

VAT: EL997844860

Contact: Maria Nikolaidou, Lia Gkountroumpi


Phone: +302413500237

PIC nr: 937790181






Larissa is located in Central Greece and is the capital city of the Region of Thessaly. It is the largest city of Central Greece and one of the major and most dynamic urban areas of the country.  It covers an area of 335.12 km2 and according to the 2021 census, Larissa has a total of 164.095 inhabitants. It represents 24% of the population of the Region of Thessaly.

The Municipality of Larissa has a developed primary sector (the Prefecture of Larissa has the largest cultivated area of ​​all the prefectures of Greece – 2.384,9 km2), secondary sector (with processed agricultural and livestock products) as well as tertiary sector (as a major urban centre, a regional transportation hub, an economic, educational, administrative and service centre).

Its dynamism as an economic centre and as a reference point for multiple economic activities is reflected in the strength of key institutions for economic development such as the Development Organization of Municipality of Larissa, Larissa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Thessalian Businesses and Industries (STHEV), the Averofios School of Agriculture and University of Thessaly.


The scope of the Municipality’s work is extremely varied and spans from long-term planning of projects and urban development to everyday needs of the city and its citizens, maintenance of the urban landscape and infrastructure, providing assistance to vulnerable members of the local society, operation of cultural spaces and organization of events, cooperation with local actors in the fields of education, economy, social intervention, culture, sport, energy, urban management as well as the everyday operation of the city administration.

Municipality of Larissa focuses on the following strategic areas:

  1. Education and life-long learning: Larissa is the first Greek city that was included in the UNESCO Network of Learning Cities. Investment in life-long learning, establishment of the Citizens’ University of Larissa with 12 learning cycles to register to and more.
  2. Urban Planning and Urban Development: Expand the existing pedestrian streets’ network with more additions of bicycle roads, low-traffic roads and bus roads.
  3. Sustainable Urban Mobility and Smart City Systems: Controlled access of the pedestrian zones, promotion of the use of bicycles and public transportation, development of an integrated pedestrian network (through pedestrianised streets, low traffic streets and widened / upgraded sidewalks).
  4. Green innovation: Promotion of green innovation by implementing actions regarding waste management, e-mobility, smart pedestrian crossings, atmosphere pollution smart control, bioclimatic interventions and energy upgrade of street lighting and smart adjustment system.
  5. Culture: Organization of a variety of cultural events with Pinios river festival as highlight. Moreover, Mill of Pappas, the city’s cultural hive, contributes to the promotion of culture with a number of cultural entities operating in it as the Philharmonic Orchestra, the Ballet School, the High School of Dance, the Puppet Troupe “TIRITOMPA”, the Puppet Doll Museum and of course the Municipal Theater “THESSALIKO THEATRO”, showcasing the power of cooperation and synergies.
  6. Social policy: Investment in new pilot programs for the inclusion of all citizens in the social and political life of the city.



  • A new ENTRance – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 24.942,15€

The project aims to develop innovative tools to promote Roma entrepreneurship.

  • INCOME (INnovating COworking Methods through Exchange) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 14.550,00€

Training, capacity building and exchange of experiences and good practices for the management of collaborative spaces (public and private) in partner cities and countries. The project aims to highlight the added value and local development opportunities provided by such structures, to raise awareness among decision-makers of the importance of co-working spaces and HUBs and their contribution to promoting entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for young people and to create a broader strategy based on partnerships involving local authorities and local stakeholders, etc.

  • Sport for Values – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 45.563,00€

The “Sport for Values” project aims to promote the principles of respect, solidarity, cooperation, freedom of expression and tolerance, through sports and specifically “urban sports” such as BMX, skateboarding, parkour, 3X3 basketball – which attract young people who are not interested in popular sports.

  • DigiCult (Digital presentation and preservation of intangible cultural heritage) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 27.222,00€

The goal of the DigiCult program is the creation and promotion of an innovative digitization framework and an effective and cost-efficient training for the digital presentation, preservation and promotion of Europe’s intangible cultural heritage (ICH) from a global and long-term perspective.

  • COHERENT (A Circle Of Youth for tHe EuRope wE want) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 26.304,88€.

COHERENT aims to contribute to the youth strategy by empowering, engaging and connecting them through the network. The aim is to increase the participation of young people in city life, in correlation with the European Youth Objectives #3 (Inclusive Societies), #4 (Information & constructive dialogue), #10 (Sustainable Green Europe), promoting cross-border mobility and increasing youth cooperation in projects, including capacity building.

  • BETA (Bridges of Intergenerational Approach) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 55.300,00€

The BETA project aims to bridge the generation gap, break down age-based social barriers and maintain social inclusion through digital education.

Europe for Citizens

  •  HE-ART (Heart of Europe – network of towns promoting heart culture, solidarity and integration) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 25.000,00€

The aim of the project is to create a network of cultural points (“Points of heart”) that through art, artistic play, dialogue and volunteering will promote solidarity, peace and acceptance enhancing the active participation of citizens to overcome xenophobia and stigmatisation.

  • CIT-EU (The future perspective of the European Community) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 7.500,00€

The program aims to encourage civic participation in democratic and political level at Union level, developing citizens’ understanding of the Union’s decision-making process and promoting opportunities for social and intercultural participation and volunteering at Union level.

  • VALID (European Towns – Enhancing Common Values of Solidarity and Intercultural Dialogue) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 21.250,00€

The aim of the project is to strengthen common values, solidarity and intercultural dialogue within the framework of the “Europe for citizens” program.

  • SOLIDART (Network for the youth debate about solidarity in crisis times, through creativity and art) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 10.200,00€

The SOLIDART project represents a social initiative based on the interest in strengthening the understanding among young people in Europe about solidarity in times of crisis using ways of communication and expression that are familiar to them through creativity and art.

Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values (CERV)

  •  LocalEUCharter (EU Charter on Fundamental Rights closer to citizens) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 18.500,00€

The aim is to improve the local governance of the participating European municipalities, as well as to strengthen the role of local public administrations in the integration of modern Europe and their role of being close to their citizens.

  • REACH (Roma women’s Empowerment and fighting discrimination in ACcess to Health) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 15.921,60€

The overall objective of the REACH project is to combat racism and various forms of discrimination against the Roma, with an emphasis on discrimination in access to health care.

  • FutureUp / Free Europe (Young players building the future of Europe – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 18.500,00€

The aim of the project is to raise awareness and participation of young people in learning about the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the need for intercultural dialogue, promotion and protection of freedoms, equality and diversity.

  • JuniorXpress (A youth-led civic coaching driver for enhanced child-owned local governance) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 15.204,70€

The project is based on the assumption that, in order to ensure children’s meaningful participation in political and democratic life, there should be child-owned governance and institutional processes and discourses should be reborn, expressing and valuing children as equal partners to adults in decision-making processes.

  • PROGRESS_EU (Raising awareness of European rights for a progressive and transformative Europe) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 18.500,00€

The project aims to explore the functioning of the EU in relation to the promotion of rights and values through the perspective of youth citizenship. Youth are the main target group to be active agents in their respective societies.

  • Cities4Her (An inter-municipal youth-led forum for substantive gender equality in local decision-making) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 13.428,50€

The Cities4Her project is based on the assumption that ensuring women’s meaningful representation in decision-making processes requires community-level commitment to gender equality frameworks and gender mainstreaming policies. Therefore, the project aims to support local authorities to put their commitment to the Charter into practice, using youth as an agent of social change.

 Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)

  •  InCommon (Cultural and Educational Interventions for the exercise of the Active Citizenship of Migrant Women) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 21.342,00€

The aim of the project is to create and implement tools for the integration of 400 immigrant women into local communities through culture. This includes intervention at both individual and professional level (counselling and training), as well as the creation of a network at community level.

  • MINGLE (Generating Social and Human Capital for Third Country Nationals) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 41.124,91€

The project aims to strengthen the integration of third country nationals in the country of residence as active citizens through the development of relations with the local community.

  • In2C (Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the Construction sector) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 43.756,79€

The aim of the project is to facilitate and encourage the early and effective integration of third-country nationals into the labour market of the construction sector, through a comprehensive training to enhance their language skills in the labour sector and networking with employers who will actively participate in the In2C actions.

  • CONSULTING EUTH (Transnational Actions on Asylum, Migration and Integration) – Budget for Municipality of Larissa: 36.754,50€

The main objective of the project is to create a system of European and local consultative bodies involving migrants and refugees in policy design, taking into account the different legislative frameworks of the different Member States involved in the project.


  • 2017 Learning City Award
  • 2018 Best City Awards – silver award in the Green City category, in the field of energy management and more specifically in loT Applications (development of software that helps the municipality to monitor electronically the electricity consumption per electrical panel and to draw valuable conclusions about the energy consumption, so as to develop the appropriate saving policy)
  • 2019 “Oikopolis” Award (Environmental Awareness Award for mobility works in the city centre)
  • 2021 Grundtvig Award to the Citizens’ University of the Municipality of Larissa (Larissa learning city)
  • 2022 Best Cities Awards – Award for the implementation of the project “Smart Pedestrian Centre Management System” in the “Liveable City” category.
  • 2022 Award for the establishment of Health Prevention Centre from the Hellenic Intermunicipal Network of Healthy Cities