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The new Citizens, Equality, Right and Values (CERV) programme builds on the success of its predecessor programmes Europe for Citizens, Rights, Equality and Citizenship.

The LocalEUcharter project, which has been selected by the Commission, proposes to reflect and share with 8 partners from different European countries on the fundamental rights of European citizens from the local level.

Local EU charter Newsletter


The LocalEUcharter project

Each project partner will organise an international project event with local participants and local and regional participants, collaborating in advance with other related local and regional organisations or other local events to achieve greater project impact.
The project will be divided into 8 international events (one per project partner) and aims to directly involve more than 400 participants and indirectly more than 25,000 people.


The main target group of LocalEUCharter

Civil servants of the participating municipalities, political representatives of these municipalities in charge of managing the support measures for people to be developed and social workers of associations linked to democratic life.

The Valencia City Council presents a Network of Municipalities in which young municipal workers and youth organizations will explore the Charter and promote it among their citizens and among their young people.

The project

The aim is to improve local governance in the participating European municipalities, as well as to enhance the role of local public administrations in the integration of modern Europe and in their role of being close to their citizens.